My entire career is devoted to helping people and organizations achieve their full potential, attain their goals, and thrive.

My doctorate in Educational Psychology has given me insight into human development, and how people learn and grow. Throughout my career teaching at all levels of Jewish and secular education from early childhood through University graduate school, in virtually all forms and settings, I have used this knowledge and skill to help others achieve their full potential.

As a consultant, I thrive on pinpointing the key questions, synthesizing expansive information, extracting key elements to utilize them for problem solving and innovation. I’ve been privileged to work with organizational and community leaders as well as philanthropists and foundations on the national and local scenes.

Leora Isaacs

Working as a catalyst, coach or mentor, I catalyze and support positive change, strengthen teams, build consensus and increase the skills and leadership capacity. In congregational settings, I can facilitate intra-congregational conflict resolution.  I embrace the challenge of helping individuals, communities and organizations overcome resistance by making change accessible and within reach.

As Founding Director of the Berman Center for Research and Evaluation at JESNA, I established and developed the first serious program evaluation center for Jewish education, and for advanced evaluation and data-driven decision-making on the Jewish communal agenda. I continue to employ traditional and state-of-the-art utilization-oriented evaluation approaches that are most appropriate to innovation and change initiatives.

As an ICF Certified Coach, I love to help people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be professionally and personally.

I would love to help you or your organization achieve your goals!

How may I help you?

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