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Reconciling Extremes

I am a child of the 60s.  As a college student I demonstrated against the Viet Nam war and for voting rights for black Americans.  I sat-in for Roe v. Wade and spoke up [...]

Got Patience????????

Do you feel more tightly strung lately?  Do you find yourself being less patient than usual?  How long is your fuse when you feel that slow, incompetent, uncaring people and/or situations block you?  Patience [...]

Rebound for Resilience!

Why is it that when bad things happen to them some people are devastated while others pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and snap back – or even thrive?  I’ve been thinking about this [...]

Grief, Disappointment and Loss

So many losses. So many disappointments. So much anxiety.  Every day I speak with people who feel intense loss.  They poignantly express their feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, disappointment, sadness and grief. We are living [...]

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So, What’s Next?

Well, it’s clear to me that that there will be no “going back to normal.”  COVID-19 has impacted hygiene practices, inter-personal relationships, schooling, commerce, government, the exacerbation of privilege and so much more. Even [...]

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What’s Your Story?

Like many others, I’ve been reaching out by phone and virtual platforms to maintain social connection with coaching clients, friends and family from whom I am physically distanced during this pandemic. I’m finding that the [...]

  • Yoga Relaxation

The Yoga of Changing Organizational Culture

Thanks to my current yoga teacher, I think I am finally beginning to get what yoga is supposed to be about. I have practiced yoga off and on for at least 15 years with a [...]

  • The Local Ecosystem of Complementary Education

Adaptive Change and the Complementary Jewish Education Ecosystem

The argument that complementary Jewish education needs to change to adapt to 21st Century realities is certainly not a chiddush (earth shattering epiphany). With the largest percentage of Jewish students in North America enrolled in [...]