Career and job transitions are more common today than ever before. Unlike previous generations, in which people were likely to stay in the same position for 40 or more years and retire, the average number of jobs in a lifetime these days is 12 according to the 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics report. In fact, 91% of millenials say that they expect to change jobs every three years.

Women are more likely to make changes in jobs and career paths than men. It is estimated that 43% of highly qualified working mothers leave the workforce at some point in their lives and stay out an average of two years.

Today, the good news is that many people retire when they are still vigorous and active — and want to think about a meaningful “Act 2” (or 3 or 4).

Are you thinking about changing jobs or careers because:

  • You have been let go or your position has been terminated?
  • You feel like you are in a dead end job?
  • You are ready for a new challenge?
  • You’ve decided it is time for you to take a leap?
  • You want to pursue your dreams?
  • You are ready to enter or re-enter the workforce?
  • A new opportunity has arisen?

Are you approaching retirement?

Would you like a thought partner to help you…

  • Envision and clarify your career goals
  • Highlight your strengths and skills
  • Deal with the emotional aspects of this major change for you, your family (possibly your organization)
  • Identify and assess options
  • Create an action plan for seeking and attaining your next role
  • Strategize about the best way to leave your current position (for you and your organization)
  • Plan for on-boarding into your new role

Career Transitions

Leora and I began a coach/coachee partnership about 4 months (I can’t remember if it was earlier) before my planned retirement (this past June) from my role as the CEO of a mid-sized New York & nationally focused non-profit. I knew it promised to be a huge transition with many ramifications.  I am deeply grateful to Leora for helping me to think through how I wanted to approach the next stage of my life both personally and professionally. Changes such as these are not easy, and the path isn’t always straightforward. It makes a very big difference when a skilled and empathetic coach is your companion on the journey.

R.S., Coaching Client, career transition

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Leora and have benefited immensely from her coaching expertise. Leora is an extremely talented and accomplished coach who skillfully draws from her extensive training, knowledge and professional experience into her coaching practice. This powerful approach to her work helps her clients navigate through their specific challenges and helps them achieve results. Leora has been instrumental in supporting me in achieving many of my personal and professional goals. She has helped me break-through barriers in my thinking and beliefs, helped me identify new perspectives, and enabled me to find much more meaning, purpose and balance in my life. Through our coaching work together, Leora has been an invaluable partner as I continue to move through a significant career transition. I highly recommend Leora and look forward to continuing my coaching work with her into the future.

J.W., Coaching Client, career transition

Leora’s thought-provoking questions, strategic thinking, and guided imagery helped me focus on my issues and bring clarity to my career goals.  I implemented the things that we went over and immediately got the results that I wanted.  If you are looking for someone to put you on the right path; be your personal cheerleader, when no one else is; confide in; then Leora is the real deal.

K.G., Coaching Client

I had the honor and pleasure of working with Leora last year as a coach. I was in a time of great unknown and career dissatisfaction as well as having recently grown our family to four. Leora spent countless hours with me asking insightful questions. These questions pushed me to think about what I want out of my life and my career and how to align those desires with a career focus. I had an amazing experience connecting to many professions in and around the field I was exploring with Leora’s guidance. After four months, I landed a job that fit my goals. I am now one year in and still so happy with my decision. I have used the tools that Leora shared with me as well to make decisions about other areas of my life. I am truly thankful for my time with Leora!

M.B., Coaching Client

The average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life according to career change statistics. With an ever-increasing number of career choices, 30% of the workforce will now change careers or jobs every 12 months.

Source: US News and World Report (Aug. 28, 2018)

I’d love to help you gain new perspectives, come up with effective ways to achieve your goal, and support your path to success.

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