Clergy members face unique challenges. Drawing on my experience as the spouse of a very successful clergy member who served one congregation for forty years, as director of a prestigious Fellowship for mid-career clergy, and a coach for clergy at many career stages, I have a clear understanding of the rewards and special demands and challenges of their roles.

In addition to general Executive Coaching Services I have worked with members of the clergy to help them maximize their effectiveness and increase their life satisfaction.

Would you like a thought partner to:

  • Help you develop or refresh your rabbinic/cantorial/ministerial vision to focus your rabbinate or ministry, to shape your understanding of why you do what you do, and to articulate it in a way that will inspire yourself and your congregants?
  • Talk through and find solutions to some of the unique challenges facing clergy such as:
    • Strategies for achieving work/life balance and self care in a job that is truly 24/7.
    • Special challenges of clergy families. (e.g., life in the fishbowl, PKs, a spouse who “didn’t sign on for this”)
    • Difficult relationships with colleagues. (e.g., the emeritus, other members of the clergy/congregational team)
    • Transitioning in and transitioning out of the congregation.
    • “What’s my role?” (e.g., Am I the spiritual guide, the CEO – or something else?)
    • Sensitive issues with lay/volunteer leaders. (e.g., the tension of pastoring and being a spiritual guide while they determine your contract and salary)
    • Making space for your own spiritual experience and growth.

Coaching Services for Clergy

Pastors, priests, rabbis and imams are searching out coaches to help them strengthen their leadership, balance their lives and lead congregational transformation. More than consulting, mentoring and counseling, coaching for clergy is the modality that is proving to be the most helpful for affecting adaptive change in congregations.

Source: What’s New in the Coaching World (ICF) (May 2016)

"The skills required in a good coach - knowing when to listen, when to ask pointed questions, and when to speak- are the skills Leora Isaacs has. Her intelligence, empathic listening, calm presence, and knowledge of her field all contribute to her ability to help clients think through the central, pressing issues they face. As a congregational rabbi, I (and, by extension, my community) benefitted from Leora's deep knowledge and experience. I'm extra appreciative, because her unique qualifications are not easily found."

Clergy Coaching Client

"Leora's coaching was an invaluable gift in my continued growth as a rabbi. Leora worked with me and a colleague to craft a course of coaching that covered multiple essential domains of leadership development including visioning, management and supervision, working with lay leaders, and more. I cannot recommend her enough for her professionalism, preparation, wisdom, attention to detail, and warmth. I would encourage my fellow rabbis to run to work with her."

Clergy Coaching Client

I’d love to help you gain new perspectives, come up with effective ways to achieve your goals, and support your path to success.

How may I help you?

Let’s discuss how my Coaching Services for Clergy Members may help you refocus and maximize your effectiveness and satisfaction. Please call (917) 570-3201 or send an email today.