Are you a senior executive, middle manager or a promising young professional who wants to maximize your potential?

Would you like to:

  • See yourself more clearly?
    • Would you like to become more self-aware of your strengths and your “growing edge” in order to more effectively tap into your leadership potential, increase your leadership presence and boost your self-confidence?
    • Would you like to articulate your personal/professional vision in order to develop an action plan to maximize your success?
  • Be more effective?
    • Would you like to be more efficient or productive? Achieve your goals? Communicate better?
  • Enhance your leadership or management skills and development?
    • Would you like to acquire new skills or competencies to be better in your current position or to prepare for future opportunities?
  • See others more clearly?
    • Would you like to boost your “emotional intelligence” and enhance your interpersonal skills in order to influence and motivate colleagues and stakeholders?
  • Forge high performance teams with positive impact?
    • Would you like to manage complex relationships better including supervision and mentoring, managing up, or having difficult conversations?
    • Would you like to build a team that has a shared vision and all “row together in the same direction”?
  • Take better care of yourself so that you can do your best?
    • Would you like to do better at managing your workload, handling stress and ensuring your work/life balance?
  • Leverage personal, professional and/or organizational opportunities?
    • Would you like to identify and find strategic ways to take advantage of personal, professional and/or organizational opportunities?
  • Effectively manage professional transitions?
    • Would you like to prepare for retirement, starting a new position or returning to the workforce?
    • Would you like more effectively strengthen your relationship with your volunteer leadership or board or new professional colleagues?

Executive Coaching

What Areas CEOs Get Coaching In?

Leora’s coaching is intuitive and guiding. Because of my time working with her, I have more confidence in my professional endeavors and can direct my energy to those activities that matter most in my life and work. I have experienced feelings of self-doubt at times but was able to let go of that challenge as a result of imagery work, which has made a significant difference.

D.H., Coaching Client

I just completed 6 sessions with Leora and she was wonderful to work with.  She helped me navigate a tricky work/life balance, how to structure my work time more effectively, and approaches to discussing difficult topics with others.  I recommend her services.  Thank you, Leora.

S.L., Marketing Agency Founder

I’d love to help you gain new perspectives, come up with effective ways to achieve your goal, and support your path to success.

How may I help you?

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