Life is full of opportunities, challenges and choices. Both difficult and even the most joyous moments can be emotion-filled, and can present dilemmas and tensions that seem overwhelming. In those moments, the experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and insight of a coach can help.

Would you like a thought partner to help you…

  • Navigate relationships with family members?
  • Address the quandaries of “the sandwich generation”?
  • Cope with life transitions?
  • Navigate loss and grief (both death- and non-death-related)?
  • Handle planning a wedding (or Bar/Bat Mitzvah) to heighten your joy and minimize the stress?

I’d love to help you gain new perspectives, come up with effective ways to achieve your goal, and support your path to success.

23 Benefits Of Life Coaching:

#1 — Gain clarity of purpose
#2 — Held accountable for your actions
#3 — Provides insightful perspectives
#4 — Conveys experiential knowledge
#5 — Helps to increase your productivity
#6 — Assists you to take more action
#7 — Allows you to mitigate distractions
#8 — Improves time management
#9 — Enhances communication skills
#10 — Boosts self-confidence
#11 — Provides a healthier, more active lifestyle
#12 — Revitalizes relationships
#13 — Increases work-life balance
#14 — Helps you to achieve goals
#15 — Reduces stress and anxiety
#16 — Creates a laser-focused career approach
#17 — Guides you to make more money
#18 — Plays a role in overcoming fears
#19 — Works to address limiting beliefs
#20 — Allows you to embrace a new lifestyle
#21 — Improves overall motivation
#22 — Gets you inspired and hungry
#23 — Helps you to feel more appreciated

How may I help you?

Imagine how you might benefit from Life Coaching. Please call (917) 570-3201 or send an email today.

Life Coaching Services

When I first met Leora Isaacs I instantly felt like I could be honest and open with her. Her style of questions and brainstorming allowed me to tap into a deeper part of myself, not only in my professional career but personal growth as well. Our conversations pushed me to think in a way where I could nurture my current skills and use them as a tool to tackle future business endeavors. I am always left in awe at how light on my feet, and clear headed I feel after speaking with Leora. She is truly a master at what she does, and I hope to develop a long-term connection, as she is certainly someone to have in your corner.

S.S., Coaching Client

Leora has a way of getting me out of my head, helping to stretch my perspective and even helped with strategy planning.  She reminds me of my strengths and values and helps me find the clarity to express myself more succinctly. She also has this phenomenal knack for knowing what I need at just the right time- asking just the right question; leading me through the perfect guided imagery; or using a metaphor to help me see in a brand new way.  My life, health and business are better for having worked with her. Leora, thank you so much for being there!

A.L., Coaching Client