Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inherent in any relationship. After all, people’s experiences, perspectives, and ways of being in the world vary. Even people in strong relationships or groups that hold shared goals and values can’t be expected to agree on everything all of the time. But a conflict is more than just a disagreement – it’s a situation that affects the parties’ ability to communicate, relate and function. Conflicts fester when they are ignored and affect productivity and well-being.

The key is not to fear or try to avoid conflict but to learn to resolve it in a healthy way and to use it as a growth opportunity. When conflict is mis-managed it can harm relationships and lead to rifts in families, workplaces, or organizations. When handled in a respectful, positive way, conflict can provide an opportunity to strengthen bonds between people and for organizational growth and vitality.

Are you facing:

  • Interpersonal or family conflicts?
    Is not seeing eye-to-eye with a relative or friend getting in the way of your relationship?
  • Workplace conflicts?
    Are different objectives, opinions or styles getting in the way of job satisfaction or work productivity?
  • Organizational conflicts?
    Have differing perspectives, goals or values related to decisions or issues created a rift between factions of the organization that threatens its vitality and ability to thrive?

Combining my field experience with training through eCornell’s Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution, I help clients focus on their underlying interests and needs rather than positions and desires in order to produce a solution that is agreeable to all parties. Working with me on conflict resolution has the added benefit of improving your relationships and helping both parties develop strengths and skills that can be applied in future conflict situations.

I’d love to help you or your organization resolve your current conflict, and support your path to future success.

How may I help you?

Let’s discuss how my Conflict Resolution Services might help you or your organization thrive. Please call (917) 570-3201 or send an email today.