Consulting Services

Consultants help organizations achieve their goals by providing expertise in content and/or process knowledge that expands the capacity of the organization. All non-profit organizations want to do good – and they want to do it better! They want to maximize the positive impact for which they were established in the most effective ways that reflect their values and honor the human, financial and social capital with which they are entrusted.

As your consultant I will complement and catalyze your organization’s capacity. I have provided objective expert guidance to numerous non-profits and can help your organization gather and synthesize data to inform planning and progress, engage in creative strategic thinking and planning, and/or work more effectively as a team to achieve success. I can help you assess your organization or program’s impact and can also help you use the data to improve and expand.

Because the most effective consultations authentically reflect the culture and values of the organization, I immerse myself so that I get to know each organization deeply. Drawing on the most current facilitation techniques and rigorous social science methodologies, I individualize my consultations to the unique needs and characteristics of my clients. My consultations are designed to be creative, agile, collaborative, inclusive, interactive, reflective, and data-driven, addressing the issues and questions arising from the organization’s stakeholders. I draw on my extensive training and experience in areas including research, human development, organizational management, community organizing and education.

I’d love to help your organization excel through:

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