The more effective the team the better the outcomes.

  • Is your organization on-boarding new volunteer or professional leadership?
  • Can volunteer/professional relationships in your organization be improved?
  • Are inter-personal issues keeping your organization from thriving?
  • Does your congregation need help with intra-congregational conflict resolution?
  • Are your team-members all “rowing in the same direction”?

I’d love to work with your leadership team to build the kinds of strong relationships that will enable your organization to excel.

Female Crew Team Rowing

As chair of the Dallas Jewish Community Strategic Planning Retreat and the strategic planning process of the Center for Jewish Education in Dallas, I am grateful to Leora Isaacs for her expert guidance in the planning and facilitation of our retreat. I am especially appreciative of the way Leora guided us to think outside the box, to expand our understanding of what it means to generate conversation and energy and to see the power of doing things in a new way. Leora’s patience, guidance and expertise created an unforgettable conversation about Jewish education in the Dallas community that has moved our community forward by leaps and bounds in just one short day.

Deborah Niederman, RJE, Chair, Dallas Jewish Community Strategic Planning Retreat, President NATE (National Association of Temple Educators)

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