When I engage in a coaching relationship I partner with individuals and organizations to improve their performance and well-being by listening deeply, observing and asking powerful questions. I enable my clients to explore their values and beliefs, set meaningful goals, create realistic action plans of action, and hold themselves accountable. I provide feedback and resources and create a support system that makes your path to success easier and more enjoyable. Coaching is collaborative, creative, empowering, goal-oriented, self-directed, positive and specific. As distinct from therapy, coaching focuses on maximizing potential rather than analysis of dysfunction and its sources. My coaching relationships begin with the assumption that my clients are whole, creative and resourceful, capable of handling decisions and being productive.

As a mentor I provide guidance and expertise, care and support and serve as a role model.

In my consulting role I bring my knowledge, skills, experience and advice to an organization, particularly in the areas of strategic thinking and planning and program evaluation. I work closely with my clients to create an effective process that reflects their organizational culture and core values.